Exclusive Interview: Get Acquainted with Nahla Monroe, Your Beloved Tattooed Fitness Icon

Many people consider Nahla Monroe as the epitome of a 21st Century Goddess or a Modern-Day Aphrodite. She has garnered fans from all corners of the world who admire her not only for her incredible physique but also for her remarkable mind and everything in between.

Nahla Monroe is not just an entrepreneur; she is also a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Health & Fitness Coach, and Professional Fitness Model. While she enjoys her professional career in the technology industry, she has been dedicated to establishing and expanding her online presence and brand, Nahla Monroe, since January 2020.

As a fitness influencer, Nahla has amassed over 1.6 M followers on Instagram and has gained popularity for offering an exclusive OnlyFans experience to her fans.

Nahla Monroe

We had the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with Nahla Monroe, discussing her perspectives, career, skincare routine, and tattoos.

Q: Can you tell us more about yourself and what you do?

Nahla: “After spending numerous years in the health and fitness industry and being part of the original #fitchick Instagram influencer group, I have continued to evolve and elevate my brand. My ultimate goal is to share the unparalleled ‘Nahla Experience’ with my incredibly loyal fan base, whom I genuinely love and cherish. I strive to express my authentic self in various ways, baby!”

Q: How do you best express yourself and represent your brand online?

Nahla: “I have invested a significant amount of energy into designing and building my own website, of which I am extremely proud. Through this website, my main objective was to gain more autonomy and control in shaping my unique image and offerings. Coming from a technology background, I wanted to provide a platform that allows people to experience more of me, whether it’s through member subscriptions, a range of unique services, or branded merchandise.”

Q: How did you get involved with OnlyFans?

Nahla: “I joined OnlyFans three years ago when it was still a fresh concept! My followers and fans had suggested that I create an OnlyFans profile due to the abundance of exclusive content I shared on mainstream social media platforms. Many influencers fail to recognize the significance of having a well-rounded and evolving digital strategy, essential for exposure, growth, and revenue. Each social media platform serves a distinct purpose. Thus, having a subscription-based platform felt like a natural evolution that allows me to express myself more freely!”

Q: Is there any cause or belief that you strongly advocate for?

Nahla: “Confidence. It is an often overused and undervalued noun! Through personal experience, I have learned that a confident woman is well aware of her strengths. I devote time not only to enhance my external appearance and image but also to develop my competence, knowledge, and interests. I nourish my inner world, make self-reflection a habit, and continuously strive for self-improvement. I firmly believe in my ability to shape my own circumstances. When you possess self-love, you make wiser decisions!”

Nahla Monroe

Q: Could you share the meaning behind your tattoos?

Nahla: “My tribal tattoos symbolize both my past and future directions in life. Additionally, I have the Kanji characters that read ‘Goddess in Motion.’ Most importantly, I have the names of my three children inked on my body! And, of course, I am certain there will be more ink to come!”

Q: Do you have any upcoming projects on the horizon?

Nahla: “Absolutely! I have recently released a 2023 Uncensored Calendar, featuring photos and a centerfold that are too hot for social media! It’s a project that showcases a different side of me and offers an exclusive experience to my fans. Additionally, I am continuously working on enhancing my website’s functionality. I have added a ‘Members Area’ where fans can access unseen content for free. My goal is to have full ownership, control, and the ability to curate the content I share and with whom I share it.”

Q: Is there anyone you admire as a role model?

Nahla: “I don’t have a specific individual in mind. For me, it’s more about the character, values, and what that ‘model’ represents as an inspirational ideal. It’s about finding someone whose behaviour inspires me or fuels my energy through their successes. Role models can change on a daily basis, as it’s all about the influence they have on your life and how they empower you to become more successful.”

Q: How important is having a skincare regimen for you?

Nahla: “Skincare is incredibly important to me. It’s not just about drinking water, getting enough rest, and washing your face. To achieve glowing skin from the inside out, you need to have a daily skincare routine that includes proper nutrition, supplements, topical serums, laser treatments, sunscreen, and more. I have compiled my ‘Stay Gorgeous, Fit & Glowing’ Guide on my website, where you can find comprehensive information on my skincare routine and tips.”

Reference: https://nahlamonroe.vip/

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